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Your Florida Vacation Villa is situated in Davenport which a small town located just to the south of Disney World. It’s a super location with many special features and if you read on I’ll explain why it’s such a great choice for your family holiday.

DISTANCE FROM ORLANDO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT: Just 28 miles. Pick up your hire car at the airport, follow the directions supplied upon confirmation of booking and you will be at the villa within 40 minutes. The journey is pretty simple. Just follow I-4 until Junction 58 and you are only 2 miles from the villa. En-route you will pass the exits to Disney’s Magic Kingdom and Epcot which is guaranteed to raise the excitement levels of your kids  Keep an eye out on the right hand side when you are passing Disney, because you’ll get a glimpse of a special electricity pylon. I always have a smile on my face when I see it and I’m sure you will too!

EXIT 58 FROM I-4: It’s not often that an Interstate exit can be called picturesque but this one can. As you exit you will be greeted by water fountains and the “Champions gate” archway.

GATED COMMUNITY: The villa is located in the “Sanctuary” at “Westhaven” which is a gated community of high value properties amongst beautifully landscaped gardens and conservation areas. It’s a very relaxing location and as the villa is in a cul-de-sac, it is especially quiet and peaceful. You would not believe that you are just minutes away from one of the world’s most famous theme parks!

Theme Parks near the Villa

THEME PARKS: You really are spoiled for choice. All of the parks are reached off I-4. Disney is just 10 minutes away. SeaWorld is about 25 minutes away and Universal Studios 30 minutes. If you head west you have Busch Gardens at Tampa and if you head east Cape Kennedy Space Museum. My wife and I have been to all them and love them but one of our favourite attractions are the Air-Boat tours at Boggy Creek. If you get time try them out because it’s great fun J

RESTAURANTS: Once more you are spoiled for choice as there are just so many to choose from and all within 20 minutes’ drive. My wife and I love fish and one of our favourites is “Bonefish.” There is also a super privately owned “Fish n chip” restaurant in the “Champions Gate” shopping area that you pass when exiting the Interstate.

SHOPPING: There are a mind boggling selection of shopping malls, supermarkets and department stores to choose from, all within a 30 minute driving radius. For grocery shopping the “Publix” at Champions Gate is the closest. It’s so close my wife and I sometimes walk there in the afternoon to pick up something for dinner. (There’s a small fresh fish department at the back of the store) There’s a Walmart about 15 minutes’ drive away and a Super Target about 20 minutes’ drive away. The Florida Mall is about 30 minutes away, Posner Park about ten minutes’ drive away and the huge Lake Buena Vista Outlet Mall is about 20 minutes away.



The Sand Cranes are almost daily
visitors to the conservation area behind
the villa. They graze on the vegetation
and often you’ll be treated to a courtship
display which is very entertaining.
The only thing we ask,
is that you do not feed them.

GOLF: This part of Florida is a haven for golfers and there are courses for all levels of golfer and all budgets. I’m a keen golfer myself and love the fact that you can play golf all year round in Florida. The nearest course – Champions Gate – is about 1½ miles away. It’s a lovely course and well worth a visit but you have so much choice it really is a fantastic location for golfers.

SUNSHINE: I can’t let a description of Florida pass by without mentioning this, Suffice to say they didn’t call it the “Sunshine State” for nothing.

By now you should have an idea of why my wife and I think that our Florida Vacation Villa is the perfect choice for your family vacation. It’s in a great location, very spacious, comfortably furnished, well equipped and reasonably priced. If you need any more information please don’t hesitate to ask.

Happy holidays,

John & Erica

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