Vacation Rental Rates!

Minimum Stay: $700!

Rates Page ad(Based on $100.00 minimum per night, and a minimum requirement of 7 nights.)

Here’s how it works…
Our rates are based on $100.00 per night. Seasonal variations and holiday times will have an effect on actual rates which are shown when you check available dates on calendar page. Stays above 7 nights are, of course, welcome. There are no limits to length of reservations with the exceptions of any previously reserved dates.
paypal-credit-card-logo For payments in currencies other than US$ please contact owner.


A few things to remember…

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Rental Reservation example:

You decide to reserve Valentine’s Day week, 2017.

Because of the Holiday Date the rate has a small premium, and the cost for 7 days is $805.00.  You are not planning on renting a barbecue, but swimming in the enclosed patio in a heated pool sounds divine! The add on for 7 days of pool heating is $140.00. It’s just you and your sweetheart, so no additional cleaning or amenities are needed.

The Villa Rental + Pool Heating + Security Deposit add up to this:

$805.00 + $140.00 + $300.00 = $1,245.00,

with $300.00 refundable after satisfactory inspection of the property in the days immediately following your stay.

*For all rentals a 20% Deposit [Minimum $300.00] is required at the time of booking with the Balance Payable 30 days prior to 1st day of vacation.

Once final payment is made owner will forward a “Client Arrival Information Sheet” to guest with all arrival information.

For stays over 30 days incremental payments can be negotiated with owner.*